Email marketing is a powerful form of direct marketing, it’s an effective way to connect with your customers as you promote your business’ products or services by sending messages in the form of email offers, newsletters and coupons. Email marketing aims to motivate the customers to take action after reading the email. These actions can vary depending on the type of emails itself and on the type of product or serice provided, it could be the action of downloading the content, purchasing a product or registering for a service.

Sometimes, we think that emails are an outdated way of communication although it’s not true. For a long time, email has been one of our main choices of communication and to this very day, it has always been the same. Marketers now know how to use emails in their favor and to market their business.

Why is Email marketing such an important kind of digital marketing?

Here are reasons:

  • Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools.
  • Sending promotional emails helps in increasing brand awareness among the target audience.
  • Reaching your audience.
  • Email marketing makes it much easier for you to build a relationship with your audience especially at the right time since people in the workforce constantly check their emails. It’s an effective way to keep in touch with customers as well as with potential clients and convert them eventually into loyal customers.
  • Easily measurable: By using email marketing tools, you’re able to track what happens after sending out your email campaign such as delivery rates, unsubscribe rates. etc. which gives you a better understanding of how your campaign is working, which one you should adjust or which one you should get rid of.
  • Creating personalized content: Email marketing allow you to add a personal touch which makes your customer feel special and by personalizing your content, you help the audience to relate to your brand. Simple touches such as adding the customer’s first name to the email are a great way to help building relationships with your audience (P.s: emails that include the first name of the customer have a higher click through rate that the ones without).

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