Content marketing is a marketing strategy based on creating and publishing relevant content such as articles, videos and other forms of media in order to attract, reach, engage an audience and to convert them eventually into customers. This approach is about brands acting more like publishers to be able to attract visitors to their social media platforms and to build brand awarness. The content that you create can be used in several ways, it can be a part of your email marketing campaign, your social media (blogs, websites..etc) and your SEM (also known as PPC ads).

Why is content marketing a must?

  • Content marketing allows you to answer your customers’ questions and helps you build relationships that improve brand trust.
  • Content marketing is a golden opportunity to raise brand awareness and to reach and convert new customers.
  • Content marketing is your way to educate your audience about what kind of service or product your business can provide for them.
  • Content marketing increases your social media followers and makes them stick around longer.
  • Content marketing will save money on your marketing strategy since it’s less expensive to hire a full-time content creator than to pay for other types of marketing techniques.

Simply put, creating a high-quality and consistent content is a long process but it's the foundation of your digital marketing that helps you to reach your marketing goals. When you create a valuable content without taking anything in return, customers are more likely to trust your brand and to purchase from you in the future.

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