Video Marketing: How To Get Started

Video marketing is when brands use videos to promote and market their products or services and to increase engagement on their social channels as the videos are usually published on social networks such as YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. When done well, these videos can be effective to spread its message in a way that’s easily accessible to an endless number of customers and to reach the audience with a new method.

A brand can incorporate several types of videos into its marketing plan. It can include demo videos (which show how your products work), brand videos (that showcase your brand’s vision and mission), explainer videos (which help your customers to have a better understanding of why they need your product or service) and customer testimonial videos -which is considered one of the best ways to prove the efficiency of your company- where you feature your loyal customers describing their problem and how your brand was able to solve it.

Why should you use videos in your social media marketing strategy?

  • Videos are easily accessible: there are numerous platforms for video marketing, for instance, YouTube, video boards and broadcast television. The options are endless and customers can access online videos anytime and anywhere with their smartphones.
  • Videos are effective: Combining visual and audio information is your ticket to attract your audience to learn more about your brand and services as a large number of customers prefer watching a product video than reading a product description. In addition, videos in an email are guaranteed to increase clicks.
  • Videos work wonders for your SEO: as it’s able to increase your search engine ranking and your click-through rates.
  • Videos help you connect with your audience: Since one of the goals of every company’s marketing plan is to build trust with customers, videos can be your tool to show your audience who you really are and to get to know your brand. You can also benefit from the fact that it’s easier for most people to connect with other people -than any company or business- by making short videos to introduce some of the employees behind your brand.
  • Videos are emotional: as music allow you to get to the emotional center of a person’s brain, it’s more influential to connect with humans through video than through reading texts.

To sum up, video marketing isn’t as simple as it looks and that’s exactly why you need learn all the tips and techniques to use it as a powerful sales tool and to get more exposure and engagement.

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